Paths of Pioneer Christian Scientists by Christopher L. Tyner - Audiobook Digital Download

This audiobook volume profiles four pioneering workers of the first order as they came to this new religion in the 1880s: Annie M. Knott, Emma Thompson, her daughter Abigail, and Janette Weller.

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The stories of pioneer Christian Scientists remain largely untold, although their lives have relevance and freshness for today. This volume by Christopher L. Tyner profiles four pioneering workers of the first order. Each one came to this new religion in the 1880s in urgent need of healing. The healings that followed proved to be new beginnings, as each of these women dedicated her life to helping and healing others. These well-documented accounts form a unique record of what extraordinary courage, fierce dedication, and love for God and Christian Science can accomplish.

Audiobook is read by Duanne Veidelis.

50 tracks. Total listening time 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Also available in print (162 pages) and in CD format (10 CDs). 

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